Humpback whale breaching.

Where We Are

Kodiak to Katmai

Your private Alaska cruise embarks from St. Herman’s Harbor on Kodiak Island part of the 20+ Islands that make up the Kodiak Archipelago. Two-thirds of the Kodiak Island and a small portion of Afognak Island make up part of the 1.9-million-acre Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge – a protected habitat for Alaskan brown bear, salmon, birds, and abundant other wildlife.

Once you leave the harbor on Kodiak Island, you will start to see wildlife and be on your way to Marmot Bay, home to high concentrations of whales and sea birds. As you cruise across Marmot Bay to Whale Pass it is possible to visit puffin rookeries on Kodiak and Afognak Island and see humpback and fin whales. One unique spot you will see is Koniuji Island which has large rafts of sea otters hiding from the strong currents of Whale Pass. Be prepared to see and photograph one of the most spectacular settings for whales in the magnificent blue waters of Kupreanof Strait with a background of the snow covered Mountains of the Katmai coast and the Alaska Peninsula.

Your open-water passage across the Shelikof Straits takes you to coastal Katmai National Park – home of the largest concentration of brown bears (commonly called grizzly bears) on earth. While Kodiak brown bears are reported as the biggest (by less than 1 inch) in the world, the almost identical rich food sources of Coastal Katmai National Park allow these Katmai bears to grow just as large as their island-dwelling cousins. A knowledgeable guide will take you ashore to observe and photograph these majestic brown bears. Return to the boat for a gourmet, home-cooked meal and a hot shower. Along coastal Katmai National Park, there are several great anchorages offering all-weather protection, calm waters, and a perfect night’s sleep.