Bear cubs nursing.


Owners Mike and Mary Norman have been falling in love with Alaska every day of the past 37 years. It was this love that led them to start Adventure Kodiak in 2006 to share all that they know and care about the last frontier with guests from around the world. They have enjoyed entertaining and delighting guests ever since.

Captain Mike is an avid seaman, spending over 40 years exploring and navigating the Pacific coast of Alaska, the United States, and Mexico. He is as comfortable on the water as he is on land. His 100 ton captain license is a reflection of the skill and experience of his time spent on the water. When not navigating, you can find Captain Mike guiding and on fishing trips. His background as a commercial fisherman in Bristol Bay, Western, and South Central Alaska gives him a keen understanding of fish habitats.

Mary has been part of the crew alongside Mike for over 40 years, preparing fine cuisine in the galley with a focus on using fresh and Alaskan-grown ingredients. She has been sailing along the Pacific coast from Alaska all the way down to Mexico as both co-pilot and cook, giving her a vast knowledge of boats, the ocean, and the galley. All that time has been spent perfecting excellent one-of-a-kind recipes to share with guests that come aboard the Single Star. Her favorite part of the trip is showing people the incredible intelligence of Katmai and Kodiak bears.

Ariel has grown up in Alaska and will always call it her home. She has grown up fishing and exploring in Kodiak and loves to land silver salmon in the fall to eat for dinner throughout the winter. Ariel graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage, with a Bachelor of Arts, with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Ariel oversees communications and reservations in the office while Mike and Mary are out on charters during the on season.