Harbor seal hauled out on a rock.


Carol Darby

My good friend and myself have just completed a fantastic week with Adventure Kodiak on the beautiful Katmai Peninsula. And what a week it was. The wonderful Single Star was our very comfortable home.

The wildlife sightings were amazing. And Captain Mike and Ashley were just awesome. We were in very safe hands at sea and on land. Captain Mike runs a very professional vessel and Ashley absolutely spoiled us in the dining department. Day after day she produced the yummiest creations. Way beyond what we thought would be possible from her little galley.

But our adventure was really about the bears and Geographic Harbour certainly delivered. As well as being a very scenic and calm anchorage the bear viewing there was something else. Add the bonus of a beautiful white wolf and we were definitely in photographic heaven. Our long planned once in a lifetime trip with Adventure Kodiak may just have to be a more than once in a lifetime.

Jane Dodd

In July 2016 my husband, myself and another couple of friends set off from Kodiak harbour for a wonderful week with Mike, Mary, and Sam on the Single Star.

The boat is wonderfully comfortable and clearly equipped with very up to date navigational gear. Sam picked us up at the airport and drove us to the harbor via a quick liquor stop.

We were lucky and had wonderful weather and so spent most of our time on deck watching birds (puffins, kittiwakes, eagles to name a few), whales, seals, and sea otters.

The wildlife is truly amazing and we all felt a huge sense of anticipation as we approached the landings where we were likely to see bears.

Our encounters with the bears were at Geographical Harbor. It’s pretty amazing all piling into the zodiac and climbing out on a beach where you can literally see bears walking about and hunting for fish!! We saw a number of bears over two days including a Mama bear with two cubs, adolescent sibling bears wrestling and big boars.

The bears do come quite close (sometimes only twenty feet away) but I felt very safe with Mike who has many years experience around coastal brown bears. We were also very lucky to see a stunning wolf on the same beach!!

Mary’s cooking is amazing! It is total luxury to start the day with a wonderful cooked breakfast, have an adrenaline pumped day of bears and wolves and come back to the boat for a delicious meal and a glass of wine.

One night I went to sleep watching a bear from my porthole window wandering along the beach off in the distance. 


Gregory A. Craybas, DDS

I had the extreme pleasure of experiencing Alaska aboard the “Single Star” with Mike and Mary late June 2016 to photograph coastal brown bears. The first class accommodations were a welcome site as we flew into Katmai NP. Mike and Mary were there to great us to begin our week-long photography excursion to photograph bears in Hallo Bay and Kukak.

The food was homemade and absolutely delicious for every meal as you would find in a 5-star hotel. Perhaps they should change the name of the boat from “Single Star” to “Five Star”. Sleeping aboard was very peaceful, quiet and calm despite harsh conditions that are found around Alaska. They were very attentive to all of our needs and provided comfort in knowing and having all of our requests fulfilled.

Mike always found the perfect spot to anchor for the night and positioned for a timely arrival to the next destination the following day. Mike’s lifelong knowledge of the area was invaluable to making our trip as successful as possible. The Norman’s goal was was to ensure we had a trip of a lifetime and we most certainly did. When we left the Single Star, they were on deck waving goodbye. It was a sad and happy moment as you immediately felt you were saying goodbye to family. It is a trip that I think about every day and long to go back to experience again!.